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 Free movie downloads are more common than you think on the Web. You won’t find the most recent blockbuster here, but you will find a huge amount of classics, trailers, independent films, documentaries, and more – From Wendy Boswell 

People have ipod, iphone, zune, psp, Creative Zen and so on, and some of them asked ” where can I download movies to ipod?” or something.

Here is listing of free movies download site. you can free download movies for ipod, iphone, zune and so on.

but aftere download, don’t forget convert movies for player. Only certain format can be played on ipod, iphone, psp, zune and others. so if you still haven’t a video converter or dvd ripper, please download one first.

popular converter for movies:  DVD Ripper     Video Converter    Video Converter Suite

Free Movie Download Sites

Here are a few sites where you can download free movies; they are all free, all legal, and feature hundreds of high-quality movie clips and full-length movies. 

 General Free Movie Downloads

 ·         Free Movies and Documentaries in the Public Domain: These are all free movies that have fallen out of copyright – download away.

·         OVGuide: a meta search guide to online movies.

 ·         Movies: This enterprising website has taken the time to find and upload clips of hundreds of movies.

·         Veoh Cult Classics: Night of the Living Dead, Metropolis, Eraserhead are all included here.

·         Watch Free Movies Online. This site is full of classic movies, all free movie downloads.

 ·         The Internet Movie Database. Movie reviews, information about upcoming movie premieres, movie clips, and more.

·         AltaVista – Video Search. Search for movies and videos on the Web in virtually any format. Find free movie downloads easily and fast.

 ·         Yahoo Search-Video.. Search for videos and movies on the Web. Also includes a link to submitting your own video to Yahoo to be indexed.

 ·         Singingfish, an audio and video search engine. Search for movies, free movie downloads, short movie clips, and always check “Staff Favorites.”

·         Google Video Search. Find videos, movies, and TV programs online.

· Features trailers, shorts, independent films, and more. Most of the films on this site are free, but some do require subscription access.

 ·         Turner Classic Movies: Lots of trailers, movie clips, and background information on all your favorite classic films. A very cool site.

· Trailers, movie clips, and more.

·         All Movie Guide:Comprehensive database of film synopses and reviews as well as concise actor biographies.

·         Apple Movie Trailers:An extensive collection of brank spankin’ new movie trailers.

·, trailers, scripts, interviews, clips, and a lot more.

·         YouTube: you can upload, watch, and search free videos here.

·         YouTube, GoogleVideo, and IFilm: Nice mashup of all three services; looks like you’ll need to know exactly what video you want, however.

·         Google Video of the Day: Another day, another Google Video of the Day. Varies from funny to interesting to extremely weird.

·         LearnOutLoud: free streaming lectures, audio, and video.

·         VideoBomb: “Video Bomb filters up the hottest videos on the internet: people submit links to the ‘Incoming!’ page and you bomb the best ones. If a video gets a lot of bombs quickly, it makes it to the front page.”

·         Truveo:a video search engine that delivers pretty good results.

·         Mefeedia: “Find thousands of videoblogs (video podcasts), and watch them on your computer, video iPod or PSP.”

·         The Open Video Project:a shared digital video collection

·         Free Documentaries: “Welcome to the Internet’s top resource for finding free documentaries.” 

·         SearchforVideo: SearchforVideo is a fantastic video search engine with over 6000 sources available for searching at the time of this writing. News, entertainment, viral videos – all searchable here.

Free Cartoons

·         ShowStash: Lots of popular TV shows, cartoons,etc.

·         Superman Cartoons: Now this brings back some good memories! 

·      Looney Tunes: All your favorite Looney Tunes cartoons available for free.

plePlease notice: there are also many  othere free movies download sites, I’ll post them next time, please wait.


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